IR Corrosion is an engineering company that encompasses innovation and dynamic leadership with quality commitment to our clients. Our expert team is committed to solving problems and providing solutions within the Cathodic Protection field.

At IR Corrosion, we know the importance of exceptional service in Cathodic Protection to assure the integrity of the facilities, keeping the environment safe and avoiding economic, material, or even human losses.

We offer a professional, dedicated and personalized service where our commitment to customers is based on excellence and innovation.

An effective and well-designed Cathodic Protection System can guarantee protection against corrosion, depending on the circumstances, for more than 25 years |

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Dynamic Team

We work with a dynamic and committed group of experts. Our team is highly qualified, with international NACE certification and high capacity to give solutions in problems related to Cathodic Protection.

Our team works in a comfortable and trusting environment, which results in effective and serious work.

Quality and dedication

Professionalism is our company´s hallmark. We have a serious and professional commitment to our clients. We will always work for their satisfaction and ensure a quality, well-done job.

We seek to offer an excellent service fulfilling the client´s needs in the established times and with maximum quality.


We are a company with leadership vocation where we always do our best to achieve our goals of solving problems and providing solutions in all Cathodic Protection Issues.


We are concerned with the safety of facilities, people and the environment while avoiding direct costs (replacement of damaged parts), or indirect  costs (stopping the production processes, efficiency loss, human losses or environmental issues).